Kawal Thakar Singh

Akankshi has been wonderful . she has helped me na lot. She is bright and cheerful. She takes an interest in her patient and tries her best to suggest ways and means to improve her patients problem. An assest in your department.

Dr Poonam Gupta

I have been undergoing treatment for the last three months. All praises for the therapist, their dedication, knowledge and manner is excellent. Great depart.


I have been taking physiotherapy treatment from last 4-5 months and I am very satisfied with the quality of treatment . all the physio provided to me constantly at fortis hospital, mohali.


I am satisfied with the treatment that is been given to me. I really appreciate the way doctors are performing their duties with great love and care. Best of luck.

Dr Digvijay

I was suffering from brain tumour with foot drop. I am taking rehab. From physiotherapy depart. Since one month and I am getting positive response and feel improvement in my weak limbs. I hope to get full recovery in myself.

Kamlesh Prakash

They all are very soft spoken, very careful and attentive. Me and my family are all satisfied with the staff and the management. Thank you all.

Cap. Manish Mehra

Dear Dr Arun and Dr Richa. Many thanks for your able guidance and supervision as well as friendly and pleasant dispositions throughout the course of treatment. Looking forward returning back to continue and complete my sessions. Wishing the physio team all the best.

Pankaj Bawa

Good experience with physio depart. The staff is very courteous and generous. Got relief in first three days. Knowledgable and very cooperative staff.